Why We’re Still Reading Rent-a-Girlfriend

The manga community, like any fandom, tends to have some rather strong views about certain genres, characters, or series. Sometimes these views come from passionate feelings, and sometimes from legitimate complaints. Ask around the manga community about Kanojo, Okarishimasu (Rent-a-Girlfriend) and you’ll definitely find some of those strong views!

Rent-a-Girlfriend has a pretty dedicated following, and in the 2021 anime season, the first season was received quite well, scoring a 4.4/5 on Crunchyroll, and 7.26/10 on MyAnimeList. A second season was announced in 2022 — and yet, reviews on the series are very different for the manga, with it barely scraping past a 6/10 on MangaUpdates.

Manga readers can be a rather critical bunch, but the criticism of Rent-a-Girlfriend is, well, in our opinion, rather deserved. A distinctly capable protagonist, a rolling series of escalating lies that pushes the boundary unlike believability, and a meandering romantic plot line that seems in no hurry to choose a ‘winner’.

So, why do we persist in reading Rent-a-Girlfriend? Why do we continue pre-ordering every volume?? Why are we still searching on Amazon for that elusive Chizuru figurine???

Today on Honey’s Anime, we take a deep dive into the mind of a Rent-a-Girlfriend reader, and discuss why we’re still reading this beautiful train wreck of sometimes a series — and why, bad fiction can still be enjoyable!

Author: Brett Michael Orr

I’m a writer, gamer, and reviewer of manga & light novels, from Melbourne, Australia. When I’m not creating a new world, I’ll be absorbed in a good JRPG, watching some anime, or reading up a storm!

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