The First Macross F Solo Concert in 11 Years! Macross F Galaxy Live 2021 “Revenge” Blu-ray to Release on June 22!

What You Need to Know:

  • The release of the Macross 40th Anniversary Super-Dimensional Collaboration Album Deculture!! Mixture!!!! is just around the corner on April 6! During a special livestream to commemorate the release, May’n and Megumi Nakajima made a happy announcement.
  • Macross F Galaxy Live 2021 “Revenge”—the first Macross F solo concert in 11 years, which took place on November 10, 2021, at the Makuhari Messe Event Hall—will be released on Blu-ray on June 22, 2022. This product will be released in three formats: a Regular Edition, a Limited Edition, and a Gorgeous Edition. All editions will include the full concert including the encore.
  • The Limited Edition and Gorgeous Edition will also come with a bonus disc that includes unique songs from the November 9 and November 23 (Sheryl’s birthday) performances, a behind-the-scenes documentary, and interviews with May’n, Megumi Nakajima, and Shiro Sasaki. Furthermore, the Gorgeous Edition, of which only 10,000 sets will be available, will include a Musume Dora◎2022+Live Selection CD, a Gorgeous package format, and a Galaxy Live 2021 back-stage pass necklace strap. The Musume Dora◎2022+Live Selection CD contains a new audio drama from the Musume Dora series, which was originally released in 2009, as well as a selection of songs from the concert.
  • Production information

    Concert Blu-ray
    Macross F Galaxy Live 2021 “Revenge”
    ~Madamada Futari wa Kore kara! Watashitachi no Uta wo Kike!!~
    Sheryl Nome starring May’n, Ranka Lee = Megumi Nakajima
    Release date: June 22, 2022

    Regular Edition

    ¥7,700 (inc. tax) / VTXL-44
    Limited Edition
    ¥11,000 (inc. tax) / VTZL-206
    First-Run Limited “Gorgeous” Edition (only 10,000 sets available)
    ¥16,500 (inc. tax) / VTZL-207
    Cover art by Macross F character designer Risa Ebata

    Limited Edition bonuses

    1. Bonus disc
    – Unique song from November 9 performance at Makuhari Messe Event Hall
    – Unique song from November 23 performance at World Memorial Hall
    – Behind-the-scenes documentary
    – Interviews (with May’n, Megumi Nakajima, and Shiro Sasaki)
    2. Concert photo book

    Gorgeous Edition bonuses

    1. Bonus disc (same contents as Limited Edition)
    2. Concert photo book (same contents as Limited Edition)
    3. Musume Dora◎2022+Live Selection CD
    4. Gorgeous package format
    5. Galaxy Live 2021 back-stage pass necklace strap


    Coming soon…


Source: Official Press Release