Painting California from over here in Oklahoma – Drawing The Motmot

With travel out of the question, pandemically speaking, I’ve been occupying myself by making small oils of landscapes near to my heart but far from my vicinity. I’ve started with California, where I was born and raised. Specifically, northern CA, more specifically, Point Reyes, where I learned to be a birder. Here are a few recent pieces that take me back home.

“Chimney Rock Curve, Point Reyes” 14 x 11 oil on canvas panel. This painting is SOLD.

Okay, the last one isn’t Point Reyes, it’s south of Monterey at a beautiful place called Point Lobos. The last time I was there was iin 2015. The last time I was in Point Reyes was 2013. I yearn to go back, and of course I will. Hopefully sooner than later.

Thanks for looking. These are all available for sale, and I’m happy to talk with you about purchasing any of these works. You can contact me at debbykaspari (at) Thanks again!