DXRacer Craft Series Gaming Chair [Unboxing Review]

There are 7 pre-made designs you can choose from: pink Hello Human Cat, blue America Edition, gray Spaceman, black and gold Koi Fish, canvas white Thinker, yellow Dino Rabbit, and black Standard Classic. Of course, these chairs aren’t just for gamers, but streamers, artists, and anyone who wants a nice quality custom chair.

When fully assembled is when you can fully appreciate the gaming chair. The Craft Series chair has some features that are wonderful and gives you many seating options to choose from for comfort and efficiency. The chair has a hand turn dial for the integrated lumbar support on the right side and also in the same area, you have a hand lever to adjust the chair back at different angles, and below the chair on the right side as well, you have the handle for adjusting the height of the chair. On the other side below the chair, another handle is there but this one is for the chair’s magnetic recliner cover, which you to be able to recline the chair back for an even more comfortable feel.

DXRacer-Spaceman-Gaming-Chair-700x466 We Checked Out the DXRacer Craft Series Gaming Chair and OMG!

The next feature the gaming chair has is regarding the elbow/armrests. There are 3 adjustable settings for your body frame and comfort as well. You have buttons for adjusting the elbow/armrests inward and outward from you, adjusting the armrests’ directional angle from left, straight, and right, and lastly, you can adjust the height of the armrests. Lastly, the chair includes an adjustable cool gel memory foam pillow for your head. The materials used for the gaming chair are of good quality and much sturdier than most chairs. The wheel frame is made of aluminum, the seat covers are plush polyurethane leather, and the frame of the chair is the same robust aluminum base with high-density foam filling.

The designs on the chair are custom embroidered and they have many styles. In fact, you can completely create your own design and chair based on the assets they have ready for you but the only thing is, you have to call them to inquire about how to proceed with the customization, and the team over at DXRacer will guide you through the whole process and will also have a visual preview ready for you to look at when choosing your designs. The Craft Series gaming chair starts at $469 USD in the United States. If you would like to know more about DXRacer and their line of gaming chairs, then make sure to visit their main DXRacer official website, here: https://www.dxracer.com/.

Final Thoughts

DXRacer-Spaceman-Gaming-Chair-700x466 We Checked Out the DXRacer Craft Series Gaming Chair and OMG!
DXRacer-Spaceman-Gaming-Chair-700x466 We Checked Out the DXRacer Craft Series Gaming Chair and OMG!

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