DōKYūSei: Bangin’ Summer Available Now

What You Need to Know:

  • Shiravune released Dōkyūsei: Bangin’ Summer today on Johren and Steam in English and Chinese. The title is a localized remake of the 1992 Japanese dating sim Dōkyūsei, and includes a 20% discount on launch.
  • The original Dōkyūsei set a new gold standard for dating sims more than twenty years ago and has a profound influence even today. This remake boasts new art and modern options to cater to gamers both new and old—whether they remember filling notebooks with strategies in the pre-internet era or just want to play this seminal classic for the very first time.
  • PRESSRELEASE_DOUKYUUSEI_RELEASE_20220415-560x315 DōKYūSei: Bangin' Summer Available Now
  • A soundtrack to the game including all of its music is also available on Steam, and can be purchased in a bundle with the game itself for an additional 10% discount.
  • Dōkyūsei: Bangin’ Summer on Steam:
  • https://store.steampowered.com/app/1689910/Dkysei_Bangin_Summer/


    PRESSRELEASE_DOUKYUUSEI_RELEASE_20220415-560x315 DōKYūSei: Bangin' Summer Available Now

    Our hero has spent the first half of his summer engaging in meaningful and productive labor.

    Now he’s flush with cash. Time to go pick up chicks!

    Hit on some outrageous babes, get to know them better, and come together on a deeper level.

    Summer’s back. Back again… This is a full remake of the 1992 PC game Dōkyūsei.

    Product Information

    Title: Dōkyūsei: Bangin’ Summer
    OS: Windows
    Players: Single-Player
    Developer: elf (original), FANZA GAMES (remake)
    Publisher: Shiravune
    Languages: English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese

    Available Platforms

    Johren (Adult version; free adult patch for Steam version)
    Steam (All-ages version; original soundtrack)

    Pricing Details

    Dōkyūsei: Bangin’ Summer
    $19.99 USD / 1999 Johren Credits

    Dōkyūsei: Bangin’ Summer Original Soundtrack
    $14.99 USD

    *Both versions of the game are available with a 20% off launch discount.
    *Steam prices may vary based on the regional pricing.

Source: Official Press Release