Best Looking Makeup Styles For Events

Whether you’re attending a celebrity event or attending an A-list party, you can easily DIY your makeup for a formal occasion. Make sure you highlight your eyes for maximum impact. Smoky eyes are classic and add an element of sexy sophistication, but you can also experiment with different colours and use a variety of eyeshadows … Read more

The Most Natural Makeup Styles

The most natural makeup styles vary in style and execution, but are generally toned-down versions of more conventional looks. They often feature light-coverage foundations such as BB creams or tinted moisturizers, and eye shadow is in sheer or brown shades. Mascara is clear, or very close to the color of your lashes. Eyeliner, if used, … Read more

L’Oreal Paris Advanced Hair Styling Courses

Investing in an online course to learn advanced hair styling techniques is a great way to upgrade your skills and expand your career options. Here are the details of the various courses offered by L’Oreal Paris. Learn about their duration, content, and fees. After enrolling, you will be provided with a free counselling session with … Read more

What’s the Best Treatment For Dyed Hair?

  After dying your hair, the first step in restoring its color is to keep it moisturized. Use color-safe shampoos and deep conditioners. Avoid salt water, and use pre-color conditioners to seal in the color. You can also use a color-safe mask or conditioner after a bath to prevent your hair from losing its vibrant … Read more